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213 Teacher Spotlight: Shannon Marconi

by Taylor Hunter

“In my YTT course I was asked ‘what is your nirvana’ or your ‘highest aim’ and I decided that it was to take yoga around the world. To share the yoga I had learnt with as many countries and people as I can. So that’s why I’m here.”

With a background in gymnastics and professional cheerleading along with a love for being upside down, 213 teacher, Shannon Marconi naturally brings something a little different to the studio.

Hailing from Michigan, Detroit, Shannon has a degree in exercise science and has been physically active her whole life. However, it wasn’t until she started practicing yoga consistently in her early 20’s that she fell in love with the practice and decided that the yogi way of life was for her.

Below, Shannon shares with us her yoga journey and sheds a little light on her upcoming inversions workshop.

Taylor Hunter: So, tell us a little bit about how you got into yoga.

Shannon Marconi: I’m originally from Rochester Hills, Michigan. I found yoga when I moved to Atlanta and fell in love with a style of yoga by Jonny Kest. That’s what really drew me too it. It’s similar to power yoga; really dynamic, edgy sequencing, like vinyasa but based on Ashtanga. That’s when I decided to move back to Michigan and started practicing at Centre For Yoga, where Jonny was based. I was practicing once or twice a day. I was obsessed! So I signed up for the teacher training at that studio and ended up becoming a manager for his company.

What does yoga mean to you?

I have a degree in exercise science and I have taught every type of fitness class you could think of, but once I found yoga I thought, “this is what I have been looking for… this is a lifestyle.” It’s something that you can practice everyday, and it’s the one workout that actually makes you feel beautiful. It doesn’t matter what your body looks like. I just love yoga because it feels good.

Where did you do your first teacher training?

At Centre for Yoga in Michigan. They had been there for 20 years, and recently merged with Lifetime Fitness so it’s now called Life Power Yoga. The training involved a month of Ashtanga, a month of slow burn, and a month of hot vinyasa, so I learnt how to teach all three styles. Then I did my Booty Yoga training! It combines dance, plyometric movements, and yoga. It’s like a sexy, empowerment for women type of yoga. A little bit risqué, but really fun.

What do you love about teaching others?

Honestly I never had been so passionate about something. It’s weird, sometimes I won’t even do one pose in a class, but I feel like I am just from teaching it. Sometimes I cry when I’m teaching because it makes me feel so good to see other people loosen up. I love just helping people to relax. I really do think yoga can change the world.

What style of yoga do you like?

Dynamic vinyasa because you just have the opportunity to flow on your own, take out what you don’t want, add what you do want, and move to your own breath. You don’t have a teacher telling you exactly what to do, you’re moving in your own body.

And is that how you would describe your classes?

Yeah! I don’t stop. I keep it very fast and I think that’s better to keep people present. That way they are not even thinking. I’d also describe it as edgy. You’ll probably be thinking what the f**k is this. I’m always going to whip something in there that you probably haven’t tried. It’s very energetic and fast paced. Not to exhaust you but to make you feel invigorated, empowered and think “I can do this.” You know, “if I got through this, I can get through anything.” That’s how I want my students to feel.

Do you enjoy mixing yoga with music?

I love it, so much! The style I do at home, we build the sequence up, then we crank the music – hip hop, house, whatever, then let them go and just flow. No one is even talking, everyone’s just breathing and moving to this loud ass music. It’s so invigorating.

We hear that you have an inversion workshop coming up at 213! What can we expect and who should sign up?

Inversions are my life! I was a gymnast for three years, but even before I started gymnastics I was walking on my hands. When I was cheerleading my team was the first team to ever compete a hand in hand (doing a handstand on top of a guys hands then he presses up). So I have had a lot of training in that area. I could be in the circus or doing cheerleading, but I’d rather do yoga because it is a lifestyle. Who cares about the physical shit? It’s so much more than that. I also love inversions because of the energy they create. I feel like I have non-stop energy just because I’m always upside down. Anyone can do a handstand, if they want to. So whoever wants to be able to handstand should sign up!

Shannon is running two workshops in December. During both of these workshops you’ll learn tips and tricks to get into proper alignment and learn poses to build strength to get you into those stronger arm balances and handstands. You will also learn the best way to get in and out of these poses and then how to stabilize once you’re there.

Handstand Bootcamp
December 5th 12pm-1.30pm
Cost: $55
Book here!

Arm Balance Bootcamp
December 12th 12pm-1.30pm
Cost: $55
Book here!

Both Workshops
Book here!

Also catch her at the studio teaching Hip Hop, Chill and Yin. Check out our timetable for class times.