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Australia's first Hip Hop Yoga studio.
We combine music and yoga to create a fresh experience like no other.
Our studio is a welcoming home for any Yogi wanting to experience
the happiness of Yoga.

Our Styles

  • Hip Hop 1

    A morning groove, with a gentle touch.
    Fluid vinyasa flow to wake you up, with a soundtrack to salute the sun.
    Soft beats help you move: Acoustic, electronic, reggae, with a mix of r'n'b. Tune in while you tune out.
    Bend. Stretch. Harness your practice. Let go.

  • Hip Hop 2

    Make your move. Find your groove.
    Fluid vinyasa flow sees a strong collection of postures that become a sequence. And an abs session that's going to hurt tomorrow. Because we can. Loud beats help you move: Biggie, Jay Z, Snoop Dogg. Acoustic, electronic, and reggae, tune in while you tune out.
    Flow. Breathe. Find freedom. Let go.

  • Chill Yoga

    Don’t sweat what you don’t know.
    This is home base, a slow vinyasa flow that allows you to say hello.
    Reggae, acoustic, folk, old school r’n’b all create a relaxed backdrop.
    Breathe. Align. Learn the basics. Find your practice.

  • Yin Yoga

    Get low.
    A dark room where you learn to see yourself more clearly than ever before.
    Long, deep poses, down low on the mat utilizing seated or lying positions; opening the hips, lower back and spine, boosting flexibility and improving the mind. Soothing tunes will guide you through; Jon Hopkins, Bon Iver, Helios.
    Relax. Unwind. Move your body. Still your mind.

  • Donations

    You get what you give. A fun vinyasa class practiced to music, all for a higher reason. No payments can be made online for this class, please pay cash into the donations box before or after class. All donations are appreciated, we recommend $10. All proceeds go to Beyond Blue, the national depression initiative. Find out more about Beyond Blue. Hotline 1300 224 636.

Sammy Veall
Sammy Veall

Sammy is the owner and founder of Yoga 213.

When she was just 21, a fire exploded on her leaving her with 3rd degree burns to 35% of her body. After spending a month in hospital and teaching herself to walk again Sammy moved to LA where she was introduced to Hip Hip Yoga. It was the freedom and joy of the practice that made Sammy fall in love with everything that yoga had to offer. After her first class she signed up for a 3 month training with Steve Ross and became a qualified Hip Hop yoga teacher!

Basing her studio around LA’s Venice Beach and her ‘To be Happy’ easy going nature Sammy opened up Yoga 213 in March 2013, and runs yearly retreats and teacher trainings with Australian and International yoga teachers!

Sammy teaches Vinyasa and Hip Hop yoga at Yoga 213. Her classes are fun, challenging and reflect her easy going happy nature.


  • Amy Collins

    Marketing and Editorial Manager at Yoga 213. Words on yoga, nutrition, and where to find healthy eats. Owner at Melbourne Love Yoga, and teaches around Melbourne.

  • Taylor Hunter

    Yoga 213 Studio Manager, teacher, traveller, writer and yogi with a love of sharing stories of like minded others.

  • Melissa Tidah Him

    A fashionista, freelance writer, social media guru, yogi lover and aspirational teacher. A true Libra at heart and a believer in the balance between harmony and hustle!

  • Anna Posada

    Avid surfer and adventure seeker, who is also deeply passionate about environmentally-friendly ways to enhance beauty! She specializes in easy, homemade face masks.

  • Angelina Morino

    With a career spanning Design, Aviation and now Wellness and Health Foods, Angelina is never satisfied sitting still. When she isn’t squirreling away at another zany idea she is trekking the globe on the pursuit for the path less travelled.

  • Sophie Truter

    Publicist and events coordinator, waitress and burrito addict at Fonda Mexican, freelance writer and yoga convert.

  • Anneliese Weinhandl

    A seasoned creative in the Australian fashion world, she loves both hip hop and yoga - making 213 her favourite little sanctuary.

  • Georgia McDermott

    A food obsessed blogger at Georgeats, as well as a recipe developer, stylist and food photographer elsewhere. There’s not much in her average week that doesn’t revolve around food.

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