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An Alcohol Free Diet

by Anna Posada

Alcohol, the socially accepted drug. Although it may make you feel great for a few hours, too much of it temporarily impairs the mind and can cause neurological and other internal problems in the long run. Yikes! Whether you are thinking of taking a week long detox, or completely removing alcoholic beverages from your diet, we have outlined a few pros of an alcohol free diet for you to peruse.

Before we begin, let’s do a general refresher on alcohol in your system. Alcohol is effective upon your first sip, and runs throughout your body via your blood stream. The more you drink, the more your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) increases. The level of impairment to which you are subjected depends on the amount of alcohol consumed, your weight, and gender amongst other factors. Cutting alcohol out of your diet, be it temporarily or permanently, can only have positive effects. Read on!

The Body

Weight loss – typically, alcoholic beverages (a glass of wine, a cocktail, a beer) carry approximately 150 calories per drink. Alcohol is also responsible for overeating. It triggers a heightening of the senses, causing your sense of smell to be more sensitive to food, and — you guessed it — enticing you to eat another plate of food.

Sleep – Even though falling asleep when you’re tipsy or drunk may feel as if it comes easily, alcohol consumption increases the alpha wave patterns in your brain, which disrupt your deep sleep cycle.


You will save so much money! Two three dollar drinks at happy hour twice a week ads up significantly at the end of the month…

You will feel more energized as a result of better sleep and a healthier metabolism.

Nervous about going alcohol free?

Bring your own drinks to parties. A bottle of water, soda, seltzer, etc. And keep it full! Taking care of your own re-fills deters people from constantly offering you a beer.

Choose your phrases with purpose. “I’m taking it easy tonight” or “I am the designated driver” keep people from prying at your choice of being alcohol free.

Empower yourself and the reason you don’t drink! Be proud of your life choice, and be confident in your own reasons – nobody has to agree with this decision except for you, and the stronger you feel about your reasons, the easier you’ll be able to stick to the agenda.

Let us know about your progress!

Image via Kirsty Cane