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Beat the 3pm slump

by Bonnie Gill

Sometimes during a busy day or week, the 3pm slump can hit us like a tonne of bricks, sending us into a downward spiral of procrastination and a much slower, sometimes non-existent workflow.

It’s normal, but sometimes there’s no time to laze around doing Buzzfeed quizzes or checking if any food has magically arrived in the fridge since the last trip. We’ve put together a go-to list of asanas, paired with a breathing technique to get you out of your next slump and back at it. 

Nadi Shodhana – Alternate Nostril Breathing

Often a little too much stress or anxiety stops us from thinking clearly and getting on with the day – this breathing technique works to harmonise both sides of the brain, calming the nervous system to a more relaxed and neutral space. Doing a few rounds of Nadi Shodhana will bring you back to concentration mode before you know it.

Viparita Karani

It’s simple – legs up the wall! Viparita Karani is an easy posture to calm the mind and nervous system, stretching out any muscle tension in the torso and relieving any backache one might have from sitting at a desk.

Place your legs up the wall, perhaps with a blanket or cushion just beneath your tailbone for support – stay here for just under 5 minutes and once complete, take a moment to sit in a comfortable seated position and take a few deep breaths to recenter the body’s energy.

Child’s pose

It’s our resting pose throughout a flow, so take that into account when you need a breather! Coming into child’s pose and taking a moment to focus on your breathing and finding stillness will bring you some clarity and calm the mind. Clarity and calm will help you focus a little more on being present and productive, focusing on one thing at a time. 

There are many stretches, postures and mini-flows you can try to help increase productivity. Taking 5-10 minutes to stop and slow down and to re-energize the body will do wonders to bring calm and concentration back to your day.