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Change of tune

by Bonnie Gill

In recent years, podcasts have totally boomed. If you aren’t listening to the latest podcasts, then what are you doing?

But seriously – podcasts are free and easily accessible. They’re perfect for road trips, long walks, hours spent on public transport and are a great way stimulate the mind.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favourites to add to your ‘must listen’ list!

Shameless podcast

Shameless podcast, by Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews, is for ‘Smart Women who Love Dumb Stuff’ and explores all things celebrity gossip, pop culture, reality TV, recent news and so much more.

There’s an In Conversation element, where the pair interview successful women in various industries, someone they consider inspiring, interesting and someone who has a good story to tell. They pair are funny, engaging and incredibly articulate and share their weekly podcasts with a down to earth, honest and bubble vibe.

Seize the Yay

Created by local Melburnian Sarah Holloway, the founder of Matcha Maidan and Matcha Mylkbar, Seize the Yay is a weekly podcast where Sarah interviews well-known faces, business founders, entrepreneurs and more.

Her guests range from fitness athletes, to retail gurus and chefs, with many of the episodes showcasing the nitty gritty side of immensely successful businesses and telling the stories of some of Australia’s business powerhouses like Kayla Itsines and Rachael Finch.

The Healthy Hustlers

We love the idea of finding balance between health and hustling – and this podcast does exactly that! The Healthy Hustlers is about telling the stories of normal people with inspiring lives, dedicated to ‘making their hustle healthy.’ From pep talks to advice and guidance, this podcast covers everything from health and wellness to business hustlers and everything in between. If you’re looking to find a little more balance in your everyday – this one’s for you.

We hope you can find some time in your busy days to listen to something that stimulates your mind. Whether it be meditation, reading or listening to podcasts and getting creative, the benefits work wonders!