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Daydream Airbnbs 

by Sophie Truter

Airbnb is a traveller’s ultimate accommodation guide, but it’s also entertaining for those of us who fancy daydreaming. Going on holiday or not, sometimes it’s just a bit of fun to search through Airbnb and imagine yourself sleeping on the edge of a tropical beach or high up in the jungle trees.

While some of you yogis are currently away in Mexico living it up at the yoga retreat, we’ve scouted out our top daydream stays so the rest of us can fantasize about sleeping in the Californian dessert or bathing in a seashell. Plus with enough positive vibes, dreams really can come true! *fingers and toes crossed*

Off-grid itHouse – California, United States

$524AU per night – two night minimum stay 

Accommodates up to four guests


Our love of cactuses has drawn us to this off the grid Californian pad. The property is made of aluminum, steel and glass and features an open floor plan with an industrial aesthetic. Encased in floor-to-sealing glass, the house acts as an enclosed viewing platform, pulling the exterior elements indoors so you can spend all day looking out on the pristine California high desert. The house is also environmentally efficient with solar paneling taking advantage of that desert sun. And when they say ‘off the grid’, they really mean it, with the host intentionally leaving out a television and wifi, making it the ideal getaway for those of you yogis who are looking to really switch off.

The Seashell House – Isla Mujeres, Mexico

$412AU per night – two night minimum stay 

Accommodates up to four guests


Yes, you read that correctly… this house is a seashell, so pop on your bathers and channel your inner mermaid! The best way we can think to describe this place is to imagine if The Flintstones had a beach house. The property was designed by architect Eduardo Ocampo and his artist brother Octavio in the late 90s and offers everything you could possible want from living in a seashell, including seashell shower heads and seashell beds right through to mermaid artworks and your very own pool. Plus how about those Caribbean Sea views?

Bamboo House – Bali, Indonesia 

$448AU per night – two night minimum stay 

Accommodates up to eight guests


If you’ve ever wanted to live amongst the trees, this Bamboo House in Bali is a must stay. Located on the sacred Ayung River Valley (which also happens to be the longest river in Bali), the house is four stories high and made of bamboo timber that has been carefully edited together to create a stunning villa. The house is a part of a series of luxurious bamboo villas that are spotted along the river, each of which have their own unique shape and subtly integrate into the exterior environment. This particular house accommodates up to eight guests, so rally your mates and treat yourselves to a getaway high up amongst the trees.