Ladies of Hip Hop!

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Ladies of Hip Hop!

Date: Wednesday 29th May
Time: 6.30pm - 7.30pm
Location: Richmond + Geelong
Cost: Regular passes + memberships
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Join El in Geelong and Sarah in Richmond for our signature Hip Hop Yoga flow set to our favourite tracks from ladies in the hip hop and R’n’B genre!

All levels welcome and encouraged.

Richmond – Book here!

Geelong – Book here!

Bottoms Up Inversion Workshop!

Date: Saturday 15th June
Time: 2pm - 4pm
Location: Richmond
Cost: $50 + 10% membership discount
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Join 213 teacher, Rach Mellican, for a fun workshop dedicated to exploring inversions. This 2hr workshop is perfect for those looking to grow their practice, try something new and literally see the world from a new perspective! The workshop will begin with a purposeful flow focusing on key movements to adequately prep the body for inversions. We will then journey into crow transitions, discover how to headstand, study forearm stand and explore handstands with a heavy emphasis on safety and strength to support the body. You do not need to be an advanced yogi to attend; Rach will provide options and variations to meet you were you’re at!

Yoga 213 members receive a 10% discount, please email [email protected] or sign up at the front desk.

Winter Solstice Yin + Sound + Cacao

Date: Friday 21st June
Time: 6.30pm - 8pm
Location: Richmond
Cost: $35 + 10% discount for members
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Join sound meditation practitioner, Mona Ruijs, and Yoga 213 teacher, Taylor Hunter, on a healing journey of yin yoga and sound to celebrate Winter Solstice. We have officially arrived in the season of winter. It’s energy is dark, slow and inward. We observe this in nature as the earth becomes still and quiet, plants and trees lie dormant and animals hibernate to replenish their energy. This is nature’s way of telling us to slow down, to go inwards, to rest a little more and push a little less. Through yin and meditation we can replenish and revitalise the body to find harmony during this cold, dry season.

This special class will start with 45 minutes of soothing yin yoga. Once in savasana Mona will begin the sound bath using gongs, quartz crystal bowls, singing bowls and various sound tools to create an immersive meditation experience.

After class we will unwind with hot cacao elixirs in our cosy chill space.

Yoga 213 members receive a 10% discount. Email [email protected] to redeem.

Ayurvedic Ritual to Support Your Practice

Date: Saturday 6th July
Time: 12pm - 2pm
Location: Richmond
Cost: $45 + 10% member discount
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Ayurveda is an ancient science of life. It’s a holistic approach to wellness encompassing movement, nourishment, ritual and timing to cultivate right connection and right living.

Join Clara, founder of Seed of Self, as we explore Ayurveda and discover how embracing it’s concepts can lead to a more balanced and peaceful life. We will work together to harness nature and the elements to help us show up in our most vibrant state of being.

What you can expect
– Some brief, slow and embodied movements.
– To learn about Ayurveda ritual and receive real-life tips to support both your yoga practice and daily life.
– Practice mantra, mudra and pranayama for the season.
– To feel a sense of community + a safe sharing space.
– Time to relax and unwind with a hot cacao elixir in our chill space.

About Clara
Clara is a yoga teacher, certified reiki practitioner and Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant. She has been working with vedic wisdom for 19 years, specialising in yoga and energy work and has a passion for Ayurveda, inheriting a natural ability for intuitive reading. Clara hopes to help people peel back old layers of hurt, undigested emotion, harmful perspectives and low self-worth. She believes that together we can ground into a calm and more truthful way of being.

All levels of yoga experience are welcome. Yoga 213 members receive a 10% discount, email [email protected] to redeem.

Progression Series with Alex

Date: June 4th, July 2nd, August 6th, September 3rd, October 21st, November 12th, December 3rd
Time: 7:45pm - 9pm
Location: Yoga 213 Geelong
Cost: $25
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Ever seen a pose in class but wasn’t sure how to get into it? Join Alex in Geelong for challenging but accessible, step-by-step progression classes to learn the ins and outs of some of our favourite advanced asana variations!

You’ll begin class with a 15min chill flow to prepare the body, mind and breath. Once the body is warm, you’ll workshop through the focus posture/s with a step-by-step demonstration and time to ask questions. All progressions will be offered as layered variations to experiment with in a happy and relaxed environment. Alex will finish with an upbeat flow sequence to put it all into practice!

Perfect for beginner yogis wanting to try something new and intermediate yogis looking for variations to spice up their flows! You’ll leave with a fresh perspective for your practice and be armed with new and different variations you can incorporate into your Chill, Flow and Hip Hop Yoga classes. In true 213 style, there’ll be music playing throughout and knowing Alex, you can expect Hip Hop, Soul and R&B vibes too!

June 4th | Tuesday 7:45pm – 9pm | book now!

July 2nd | Tuesday 7:45pm – 9pm | book now!

August 6th | Tuesday 7:45pm – 9pm | book now!

September 3rd | Tuesday 7:45pm – 9pm | book now!

October 1st | Tuesday 7:45pm – 9pm | book now!

November 12th | Tuesday 7:45pm – 9pm | book now!

December 3rd | Tuesday 7:45pm – 9pm | book now!

50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Date: 21st - 30th June 2019
Time: Various times
Location: Richmond
Cost: Early bird: $1,299 Full price: $1,499
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This holistic Yin Yoga teacher training course, merging Chinese Medicine, mindfulness and anatomy with Yin Yoga is open to everybody. Hugh’s style of teaching is interactive with a hands-on approach. Expect creative activities, discussions and group tasks which are relevant, healing and nourishing for the mind, body and soul. Hugh will be joined by Chinese Medicine doctor, Becky Andrews, from Cloud Gate Therapeutics who will lead a workshop during the training.

No pre-requisites are required and you don’t need to be a yoga teacher or an experienced yogi to participate. All we ask is that you show up with a sincere and willing interest to learn.

200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Date: 13th July - 7th September
Time: Part time / intensive
Location: Richmond + Bali
Cost: Early Bird: $4,400 / Full Price $4,700
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Become a yoga teacher with us! We have designed a unique, fun and comprehensive teacher training program to prepare you to share the practice you love with the world. Learn from our highly qualified teaching team who will help you to find your own unique voice and style. This part time course runs over 2 months allowing you to gain your certification and continue to live your life! For the final week we travel to Bali for 7 nights at Desa Seni Resort. All levels and ages welcomed and encouraged. Start your yoga teacher journey this year!

Email [email protected] with any questions.

Raise money for Sri Lanka

Date: Saturday's in May, June + July
Time: 12pm - 1pm
Location: Richmond
Cost: Donation
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Flow for a good cause! Help us raise much needed funds for Sri Lanka after the recent Easter Sunday terrorist attacks. Our very own Victorian charity, Kind Hearted Lankans, are currently collecting donations to help both the victims of the tragedy and patients who were already in hospital that have given up their beds. Through our donations we can help with hospital bedding, sanitary items, and by delivering food and water to those in need.

These donation based classes are open level and run by our recently graduated teacher training students. We recommend a $10 donation. All ages and levels are welcome.

Please note: Donation classes will not run over long weekends. Please check online timetable for updated schedule.

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