Spring 21 Day Challenge

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Spring 21 Day Challenge

Date: 1st - 21st September
Time: All class times
Cost: $150
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It’s time to get moving and launch ourselves into the warm weather to come. Join us for a 21 day challenge to celebrate the arrival of spring! Challenges are open to all levels and our amazing teachers will be there to guide you through your journey. Read below for more info!

How it works

  • Aim is to practice yoga every day for 21 days
  • If you miss a day you can do two in one day to make up for it
  • We recommend practicing in chill, hip hop and yin yoga classes through out your challenge
  • Those that complete 21 days will receive a spring goodie bag
  • There will be a challenge board in studio where we will track your progress

Benefits of a yoga challenge 

  • Advance your yoga practice
  • Create a happy mind with positive thoughts
  • Improve strength and flexibility
  • Create healthy and positive habits
LA Steve Ross

Yin Yoga with Steve

Date: Sunday 10th September
Time: 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Cost: $45
Relax here!

Steve loves yin it hurts so good.
Join LA yoga guru, Steve Ross, for a sleepy Sunday night of juicy yin poses and meditation. Expect long, deep poses, down low on the mat utilizing seated or lying positions; opening the hips, lower back and spine, boosting flexibility and improving the mind. No prior yin yoga experience is needed.

Members receive a 10% discount. Please email taylor@yoga213.com.au to book through your account or pay at front desk!

Please arrive 15 minutes before the class so we can get you settled in. If you have your own bolster, block or blanket please bring along. There will be tea and chocolate for everyone!

Hip Hop yoga

Hip Hop Yoga with Steve

Date: Monday 11th September
Time: 6:30pm - 8pm
Cost: $40
Boogie here!

Join the man who created Hip Hop Yoga, LA yoga guru Steve Ross, for a sweaty, fun and challenging Hip Hop Yoga flow! Steve combines upbeat and inspirational music with a relaxed and easy spirituality that make his classes some of the most popular in the world. Steve’s presence will leave you feeling happy, free, alive and inspired!

Members receive a 10% discount. Please email taylor@yoga213.com.au to book through your account or pay at front desk!

Please arrive 15 minutes before so we can get you settled in.

steve ross

Mass Meditation with Steve

Date: Tuesday 12th September
Time: 7:45pm - 9pm
Cost: $35
Meditate here!

Join LA yoga guru Steve Ross and a room full of other yogis as we attempt a Mass Meditation. During this workshop we will aim at dropping into a deeper state of conscious awareness by meditating with others. Meditation is a practice that is often done solo, but when done collectively we are able to tune into a deeper level of connection and understanding of ourselves and those around us.

Members receive a 10% discount. Please email taylor@yoga213.com.au to book through your account or pay at front desk!

Please arrive 15 minutes early so we can get you settled in. BYO pillow, bolster, blanket.

Beach to the Vineyard

Date: 12th November 2017
Time: 12pm - 5pm
Cost: $159
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Join international yoga couple Patrick Beach and Carling Harps for an afternoon of self exploration on an honest and real level through invigorating yoga, open conversation, yummy wine and delicious food.

The day will begin with a yoga practice led by Patrick designed to challenge both the body and mind. Through the physical and dynamic movements balanced with moments of stillness we will dig deep to find out more about ourselves and what may be holding us back.

After the class we will relax on picnic rugs overlooking the vineyard and enjoy a glass of wine and platters filled with fresh local and seasonal produce.

To finish Carling will share her personal experiences of dealing with stress and anxiety off the mat, encouraging us to release fear in order to live an open and awakened life.

What’s Included:

– 1.5hr yoga class with Patrick Beach
– 1hr talk with Carling Harps
– 1 glass of wine (red/white/rose)
– 1 seasonal food platter (with local produce such as: cheese, bread, strawberries, pickles, honey walnuts, pea and mint dip)
+ More!


Panton Vineyard, Shoreham Victoria

For more info and to book your spot click the link on the left. For all other enquires please email taylor@yoga213.com.au

Inversions in Motion with Patrick Beach

Date: Sunday 29th October
Time: 12pm - 2:30pm
Cost: $65
Get upside down here!

A view from upside down with international yoga teacher Patrick Beach!

A word from Patrick: Going upside down can be mean freedom and fun, and it doesn’t have to be such a big deal. Learn to move into inversions within the natural flow of your vinyasa practice. This workshop is great for students who are new to the inversion practice, or advanced students who are looking for creative new transitions to add to their repertoire. Come with an open mind and a willingness to explore a higher level of body awareness, as we float with ease through the fluid movements of yoga.

Members receive a 10% discount. Email taylor@yoga213.com.au to book through your account or pay at the front desk!

Restore + Rejuvenate with Carling Harps

Date: Sunday 5th November
Time: 12pm - 2pm
Cost: $55
Rejuvenate here!

Join international yoga teacher Carling Harps for an afternoon of restorative yoga and yoga nidra.

A word from Carling: Creating a balance of effort and ease is crucial to a well rounded yoga practice. This full body restorative style practice will release the hard work and surrender you into a blissful resting state. Unlocking the deep tension stored in our backs, shoulders, hips and legs allows us to move through life free and calm finding both sukha and sthira, the balance of steadiness and ease. We will end our practice with a Yoga Nidra session, the practice of yogic sleep will allow you to deeply rest and release the unnecessary. As the body begins to relax and become heavier, our mind drifts in and out of consciousness letting go of everyday stresses and leaving us feeling renewed and energised.

Members receive a 10% discount. Please email taylor@yoga213.com.au to book through your account or pay at front desk!

Sri Lanka To Be Happy Yoga Retreat!

Date: 14th - 21st April, 2018
Time: Day and night!
Cost: Various prices
Read more here!

We’re going to Sri Lanka yo!!

Join us as we travel to the tropical land of Sri Lanka for seven nights of yoga, meditation, sunshine food, surfing and happiness.

Staying at the magical Soul & Surf in Ahangama, Yoga 213 Founder Sammy Veall will share her knowledge on yoga, meditation, pranayama, happiness and music. The retreat will feature a morning Hip Hop or Chill Yoga class and an evening Yin Yoga class along with a relaxed schedule of meditation and pranayama.

You will receive a ‘Mind Over 7 Days’ journal to write in each day and a complimentary Yoga 213 ‘To Be Happy’ tote bag.

Sri Lanka is famous for its surfing beaches and there will be daily opportunities to take long boards out into the crystal blue waters! Places are limited.

For prices, room options and payment details click the yellow link! 

To book please fill out the registration form here: Sri Lanka Registration form

All other questions and enquires please email: taylor@yoga213.com.au

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