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Flow Yoga

by Bonnie Gill

If you’ve dubbed yourself ‘an afternoon exerciser’ who wouldn’t dream of working out in the morning, we think you should think again. Our Flow Yoga classes (formerly hip hop 1) are designed to help you move with a little more ease with just enough strength.

Our morning flow is a fluid movement with a soundtrack of acoustic, reggae and r’n’b vibes. We want you to let go a little and enjoy the bliss of stretching, moving and waking the body up while the sun rises.

The benefits of yoga are endless, but let’s get down to why a morning flow feels so good.

  • Restful sleep – if done in the morning and not at night, it’s much easier to fall asleep and have a good night’s rest if you release endorphins and stimulate the mind in the morning
  • Energy – some poses in our yoga practice stimulate out sympathetic nervous system, pumping blood flow and oxygen throughout our body. Also known as that feeling when you’re in savasana or have just walked out of class and you feel like your tank has just been refuelled!
  • Stillness – our flow yoga classes often incorporate seated meditation at the beginning, allowing for a slow release and introduction into the morning movement. A moment for you to set your sankulpa, your intention for the class, day or week ahead and providing your mind with stillness and clarity
  • Music – it’s easy to underestimate the power of good music and the positive energy it brings about. Moving to a beat with fluid movement does wonders at any time of day, but doing it in the morning gives you that extra bit of motivation you need to start the day.

So there you have it – just a few reasons as to why our Flow Yoga class is a killer way to start the day. Join us seven days at a time that suits you and check out our timetable for more classes!