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Four Must Watch Netflix Documentaries

by Bonnie Gill

If you’ve found yourself aimlessly scrolling through Netflix only to resort back to a TV series you’ve seen a million times over, this list is for you. There’s a documentary on this list for everyone – for travel friends, yoga lovers, food enthusiasts and health conscious. Or all of the above, because that’s okay too. The best way to enjoy any of the below is with enough tea and snacks to feed a family.


‘Given’ is a unique and powerful narrative centered around the moving adventures of a small family from their home in Hawaii, through 15 different countries. Set to the jaw-dropping backdrops of some of the world’s best surf beaches, rolling hills and remote communities, Given is told from the perspective of a 6-year-old boy and his journey discovering life through nature, family and culture. Given is a meaningful, humbling and beautifully well-shot documentary guaranteed to give you the ultimate travel bug.

On Yoga: The Architecture of Peace

Based on a book of the same title, ‘On Yoga: The Architecture of Peace’ follows renowned photographer Michael O’Neill on his 10-year journey photographing the world’s yoga masters and gurus. Travelling from New York to India and Tibet, O’Neill speaks intimately with gurus and masters, capturing the meaning and essence of yoga, meditation and spirituality. This documentary fascinating and profound insight into the world of yoga.

What the Health

From the makers of Cowspiracy, ‘What the Health’ is an eye-opening documentary that investigates and uncovers the corruption of the governmental bodies and leading health organisations and its effect on the health and wellbeing of Americans. Joined by consumer advocates, medical professionals and researchers, the documentary is a shocking insight to the deceptive behaviour of pharmaceutical, food and agribusinesses in keeping quiet – costing the country trillions of dollars in healthcare and keeping Americans sick.

Expedition Happiness (Pictured)

Have you ever felt like packing everything up, jumping in a giant bus and travelling the world? You’re not alone. ‘Expedition Happiness’ is the story of two 20-somethings and their dog who, after realising they weren’t ready to settle, drove from Alaska to Argentina and everywhere in between on a fully refurbished school bus, meeting all sorts of characters, animals and communities along the way. The year-long trip is captured in an honest, warm and intimate setting, with mountains, jungles and glaciers all making appearances throughout the film. It’s a must watch for lovers of travel, happiness and adventure!