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Getting to know Geelong Mums

by Taylor Hunter

Did you know that many young families struggle to provide their children and babies with daily essentials to live a comfortable and happy life? In 2013, a group five local Geelong mums recognised this issue and dedicated their time and effort to bridging this gap. Their mission is to share the joy of motherhood by recycling baby essentials and we think they’re pretty amazing. So for the month of April we are supporting Geelong Mums, through the Saturday 4pm Donation class at our Newtown studio!

We sat down with Kelly, a member of the team, to find out more about the organisation and all the incredible things they are up to.

Where do you find all the baby items that you recycle?
Geelong Mums recycle nursery equipment like cots, prams and car seats as well as clothes and other baby essentials. All of the items that Geelong Mums give to families in need are donations from very generous members of the community. We have collections every day of the week from 9.30am – 11.30am where people drop off their pre-loved and new items to the Geelong Mums HQ in South Geelong.

Who does all the searching and restoring?
Luckily we don’t have to do any searching, as it all comes to us! The items are lovingly restored to Australian standards by our fabulous ‘Tinker Fairies’ – a team of volunteers who work¬†on cleaning and safety checking all our items before they are given out to families in need. We take pride in ensuring all items rehomed meet current Victorian safety standards and are in great condition.

What have you found is the most in need baby item for young families?
Everyday items like nappies, wipes and formula are always in need. It doesn’t take much for us to add a packet to our weekly shop but for the families who need it most, it makes a massive difference to their lives. We give items to people who are facing a variety of challenges and we want them to feel uplifted when they receive a bundle from Geelong Mums. We see it as giving a gift, packed with love to provide practical support and show that people care about them.

How are the goods distributed to the families in need?
After the pre-loved and new items are donated to Geelong Mums we then work in partnership with local social service agencies and Maternal and Child Health nurses from across the Geelong region who request items for local families in need. All donations go directly to the families that they support, and each item to someone who specifically needs it.

Can you share your most rewarding moment volunteering for Geelong Mums?
It’s a pretty rewarding place to be. Any time where someone¬† has experienced our help and then they bring their items back to Geelong Mums for someone else to share is pretty special. That pay it forward type scenario is always something worth being a part of.

How can more people get involved and support Geelong Mums?
There are so many ways people can further support Geelong Mums. Come along to our HQ in South Geelong and volunteer some time to see exactly how your work can make an impact in our community. We also have teams of Corporate Volunteers come and help out – get together with your work mates and come and see how together you can make a difference. Donating to Geelong Mums can take on different forms too – you could bring down your pre-loved car seat or children’s clothing, become a monthly financial donor or do a little bit of workplace fundraising to add much needed funds to Geelong Mums – every little bit counts and is all so gratefully received.

Support Geelong Mums every Saturday at our Newtown studio by joining our 4pm Donation Class! 100% of the proceeds raised go towards the charity. We recommend $10 and accept cash donations only.