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Go Jungle!

by Sophie Truter

Green is in, literally. Indoors plants are our latest obsession.

It’s no new news that having plants indoors is good for the soul. A number of studies have found that the colour green stimulates a sense of calm, and that connecting with nature improves cognitive functioning and promotes therapeutic benefits. Simply having just one plant in your room can improve focus and help reduce stress and fatigue. If plants have that much impact on our wellbeing, our advice to you is ‘go jungle’.

As the weather gets colder we’re going to be stuck inside more often, so it’s important we look at ways to stay connected with nature and soak up as much of its leafy goodness as possible. Below are some amazing spots to visit when you’re looking for creative ways to bring nature indoors. These guys will be able to talk you through everything from fertiliser to flowers.

Cactus Country

Located in Strathmerton (‘Where on earth is that’ you ask? It’s a bit of a trek, about two and a half hours north of Melbourne), Cactus Country is like escaping to Mexico. Hola! Their cactus and succulent collection spans 10 acres and includes plants from North America, South America, Africa, and Mexico. Some of the plants are up to 50 years old and it’s the largest cactus garden in Australia. It’s the perfect place to escape winter and explore without having to buy an airline ticket. They also have a cactus nursery so you can take a little piece of Mexico home with you, souvenir style.

Loose Leaf

Loose Leaf is living proof that plants have Zen power. Part florist studio, part plant retailer, Loose Leaf is a hidden jungle amongst Collingwood’s industrial urban landscape. When you step into the warehouse space it’s complete escapism. Shut off from the hectic hustle of city life, Loose Leaf offers a botanic sanctuary. It is more than just a retail space, it’s an experience. The studio is owned by Wona Bae and Charlie Lawler who combined have extensive professional practice in floristry, horticulture, and design. The duo stock everything from hanging plants and ferns to fresh flowers and small succulents. Wona also hosts workshops which will help you channel your inner green thumb and we definitely recommend checking one out.

PLANT by Packwood (at Fitzroy’s Rose Street Markets)

Terrariums are on trend and they are actually pretty easy to look after, which is why we love PLANT by Packwood. The team at PLANT create terrarium landscapes for city folk who need somewhere green to retreat; which let’s be realistic is most of us, most of the time. The best thing about PLANT terrariums is you don’t need to worry about finding a babysitter when you finally take that vacation to Cactus Country Mexico. They are super easy to look after and sunlight is the key to keeping them happy (just like us). These little landscapes are resilient and adapt well to their environment which is why they are the perfect plant if you feel you’re not the most responsible plant parent.