I’m a beginner yogi.

No worries! We recommend taking it easy for your first time around, check out our Chill and Yin classes. From here you can move to Hip Hop Yoga and Flow Yoga and really let your hair down!

What is hip hop yoga?

It’s a celebration of yoga and music! A fast paced, dynamic Vinyasa style yoga class set to uplifting old and new hip hop music. Check out our other class styles if this doesn’t sound like you.

I’m nervous.

Don’t be! We love every yogi of every shape, size and level. At our studio there is no competition, we are all about letting go and being happy.

Why music?

Would you dance with out music? We feel the same way about yoga. We use music as a tool to ease the mind into a calm state. Your mind is very naughty and stubborn and takes a little convincing to slow down.

How often is the music updated?

Every week. Any suggestions send them through to info(a)yoga213.com.au.

What should I bring?

We supply mats, although you are free to bring your own. We have water and kombucha for sale. You can hire a towel for yoga or shower!

How early should I arrive?

Due to COVID-19 our door opens 10 minutes before every advertised class time. Please arrive at least 5 minutes early to settle in and get your mat.

How early does the studio open before class?

Due to COVID-19 the studio is opened 10 minutes prior to all advertised class times. And the door locks right on the advertised class time.

Is it hot?

Although we are not ‘hot yoga’ we heat the room with radiant heaters to warm the body. The studio room sits at a temperature of around 25 degrees, sometimes hotter at the peak class times.

What are the peak class times?

We peak early mornings and late at night during the week and all classes on the weekends.

Where do I park?

There is street parking on Carroll, Stanley and Lennox Streets. There is also paid parking that runs on both sides of Swan Street for a few dollars during the day. If you get really stuck, head to the Coles car park across the road.

How long are the classes?

We have 60 and 75 minute classes. Please check our up to date schedule online or via Mind Body.

Should I book online?

Due to COVID-19 our class capacity is currently at 10 people plus the teacher. It is essential to book online to avoid disappointment. Download the Yoga 213 app via the Appstore for easy bookings.

What if I am injured?

Let the teacher know at the front desk and they will guide you through a safe practice!

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