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How do you recharge?

by Amy Collins

We are all very different beings. Some of us like the colour blue. It makes some of us sad. Some of us love running; some will do everything to avoid it. Some like math, some like working with their hands. These differences are easy to accept and very understandable. Sometimes we forget that to feel rested, reset, and recharged, we need to do things that work for us, and that might not work for everyone.

Let’s talk introversion and extroversion
People often assume that being an extrovert means you’re outgoing and social. And if you’re an introvert you’re shy and don’t like spending time with people. While this could be true on a case-to-case basis, the definition speaks more to how that person manages to recharge their batteries. It speaks to what makes them feel rested and settled. It’s been said that extroverts are less sensitive to external stimuli and need more from the outside world in order to be happy and perform well. On the other hand introverts are more sensitive and need less.

When we think about this, it suggest that a party would be the perfect place for an extrovert to find energy and feel at home while an introvert might love it for an hour, will eventually start to become exhausted from all the people. On the flip side an introvert would get recharged from a night in alone with a book while that could drive an extrovert crazy and make them feel drained.

Once you discover how it is that you recharge, it makes it easier to know when to add those types of activities in your days and weeks and it also gives you the knowledge to do less of what drains you.

What about movement and yoga?
Just like how we spend our time socially, how we move our bodies can have a big impact on how we’re feeling, our energy levels, and how our body responds. For some of us high intensity workouts drain our system and leave us depleted. While yoga can be what injects us with the most energy. And of course, the flip side can be true. Perhaps running or weight training makes you full to the brim while yoga makes you too sleepy or even makes you agitated. If you’re not sure, keep a diary and after each movement session, whatever it is, write down how you feel right after and then again in a few hours. And start to become aware of the patterns that unfold.

So what can we take from this?
It’s ok to know what works for you and to choose that. Expectations on how we should rest how we should move our body and how things should make us feel won’t change how you actually feel. Try things out, notice your energy levels, and monitor how you’re feeling. Once you see some clear patterns you can start to make some meaningful changes.