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How Pilates Benefits Yoga

by Bonnie Gill

It’s no secret that at 213 we’re into good music and even better vibes when it comes to our class styles. Well! If you didn’t already know, we have some incredible teachers in Geelong running Hip Hop Pilates classes as well as Chill, Flow and Hip Hop Yoga.

Here’s a few wise words from our Geelong teachers on the benefits of mixing your regular (or not-so-regular) vinyasa yoga with a dose of a Hip Hop Pilates session with the best in town:

Pilates places an emphasis on precise, controlled movement.

“The increased efficiency of movement you’ll develop in a Pilates class translates into less effort, greater power, and more flow in a yoga practice,” says 213 teacher Elise Brownlow.

“Yoga adopts an internal approach, beginning with stillness. Pilates takes an external approach, beginning with action. You don’t have to choose between the two… Pilates is the perfect complement to your yoga practice – the most important point being, to just MOVE! The action or movement patterns practiced in Pilates place an emphasis on precise, controlled movement and use this movement to urge us towards increased body awareness, enhanced coordination, greater balance and a deeper connection to our centre and to ourselves.”

Pilates helps build greater muscular strength.

213 teacher Jess Mckeown tells us that Pilates can help support our vinyasa yoga practice by building greater muscular strength, particularly core strength.

I find muscular strength and core engagement are vital in balancing shapes. For example Vasisthasana and Ardha Chandrasana are both beautifully supported by a greater awareness on physical body alignment, stronger muscular engagement through the legs, and in particular, greater awareness of and engagement through the core. Building core strength allows us to support our body and become increasingly more stable.”

Different techniques mean more muscles get a workout.

Pilates complements Yoga by providing strength, endurance, fitness and energy using core muscles, pelvic floor muscles, upper body muscles and leg muscles – which in turn we use in Yoga, just in a slightly different way.” says 213 teacher El German.

The Pilates practice targets the core muscles in a way that can assist many core Yoga poses and our Yoga practice as a whole, such as transitioning from pose to pose. Mixing it up and adding light dumbbells to any Pilates class will dramatically strengthen our upper, core and lower body strength strength, as we know that resistance training targets muscles more deeply.

The two practices compliment one another by providing a Yin and Yang way for our bodies. A Pilates class followed by a Chill class is exactly PERFECTION for our bodies, mind, soul & complete happiness.

Our 4 Week Challenge

We’re running a 4-week Pilates + Yoga challenge at our Geelong studio! From Thursday 9th May, challenge yourself to 5 classes per week for 4 weeks including a minimum of 2 Hip Hop Yoga or Hip Hop Pilates classes! You’ll see improvements in your strength and flexibility, and we’ll also be sharing a weekly Spotify hit list each week to showcase our fave tunes from the Hip Hop classes during the challenge!

Email [email protected] to be added to the list!