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How to find balance

by Bonnie Gill

There’s a lot of us who are trying to do it all. Sometimes it feels like you’re juggling a billion different things – work, social life, family time, working on the summer bod, trying to be the person that meal preps and finding general time for you.

To get the most out of your week, it’s important to slow it all down – it ultimately comes down to getting into the habit of planning. Some of our go-to tips are below.

Stop, and listen to your body, breath and mind
This seems simple but is often easier said than done. Find the time in your day, for five minutes or more to stop and listen to how you’re feeling, physically and mentally and make a judgement call.

Are you feeling overtired after a bad sleep? Maybe take a slower, chill yoga class that day. Is your mind racing, thinking about the ever-growing list of things you need to do? Take a moment to inhale, count to four and slowly breathe out – then write each item down and plan.

It’s important to notice the signs of fatigue – not tuning into your body can result in burn out, exhaustion or illness. No thanks!

Find and make time
For you: Sometimes it’s just a matter of blocking out time in your calendar for no one else but you – whether it be exercise, cooking, online shopping, reading or Netflix. Find the activity that’s cathartic for you and make time to do it.

For friends and family: For a lot of us, friends and family are what make us happy! Book in time with those who matter most, but don’t be afraid to say no if it’s just one of those weeks. It’s always nice to book things in advance to ensure you’re across your plans (and can make time for other things!)

For downtime: This is a no brainer but taking 5-10 minutes a day can seem impossible for some. Meditation, deep breathing, planning your day, a nice stretch or writing down three things you’re grateful for are all easy ways to take a moment for downtime and to recalibrate.

For work: For those in Monday-Friday jobs – set boundaries. Leave the office at certain times, switch off emails to avoid checking, and plan your days for maximum productivity. For the freelancers of the world, try to restrict your work to particular hours/days of work, leaving time for other things like socialising, exercising, family etc.