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Interview: Clara from Seed of Self

by Bonnie Gill

We are beyond excited to have Clara, the incredible force behind Seed of Self, joining us in July for a workshop on all things Ayurveda, holistic wellness, and healing to support one’s yoga practice. We had a chat with Clara on what to expect at the workshop and to gain some insight into her day-to-day.

What does an average or not-so-average working week look like for you?

Wow big question, so mainly I’d say I hold space for people during expansion and provide ongoing tools and support for transformation both physically and spiritually – this usually bleeds into all areas of life.

This week I’ve offered sessions in Bondi and Melbourne, taught some yoga classes, tried to fit in time to write my book, lots of study for the upcoming course that I’m running, I’ve done a few online sessions and focussed on putting together all aspects for my upcoming weekend Ayurvedic retreat. No two weeks are alike, that’s for sure!

Your practice covers yoga, energy healing, Ayurvedic ritual advice – when did your journey start and how did you get into each of these?

I started the journey at 12 years old when I started practicing yoga, Ayurveda followed when I was practicing with Jo Buick who has a great depth of knowledge on this science and it absolutely blossomed from there. I have had such a long history with Asana and expanding into this greater, more holistic way of practice was a natural progression. Energy work has always been a part of my life (both receiving and giving) and also through the lineage of my family – which are the Ciganos (Romani people of Spain), intuitive abilities have been passed down along the line of women in my family and it was inevitable that I would embody them at some point in time.

For those who might not know, could you tell us more about Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the sister science of Yoga, together they work as a complete system and practiced separately they are half as beneficial. It is one of our oldest holistic health sciences and is the basis of many health systems or rituals – Chinese medicine, Acupuncture, meditation, crystal healing, massage, aromatherapy, astrology all have a root in Ayurveda.

Your testimonials say a lot about your incredible work. What might someone expect from a one-on-one session?

Each session is completely different and individualised, it really will depend on what you’re working through, what your intentions are and where you’re at. An energy work session will include a long chat over herbal tea, energy work, sound, a pranayama or meditation exercise, mantra, essential oils and smoke cleanses. In all of my sessions I will provide you with at least one tool to begin bringing into your daily life so that you can become your own healer (your own healing medicine will always be more powerful than external).

What can we expect from your upcoming workshop at 213 and who might it be suitable for?

We’ll be working through some conscious, accessible movements. I’ll give a broad explanation of the overarching concepts in Ayurveda and offer some rituals that will be of a supportive nature. These will be simple changes and new ideas of practice. You’ll leave feeling expanded and grounded with a sense of real-life concepts to incorporate into your yoga (both physical and otherwise). Oh and chats over cacao!

What is important to you when it comes to your practice and your clients?

For both the most important thing is embodiment. We are getting so much conflicting advice, so many rituals, practices, routines, should and could dos. Finding what charms you, following that and really integrating that wisdom before moving on to the next thing.

Clara’s workshop ‘Ayurvedic Ritual to Support Your Practice’ is on Saturday 6th July at our Richmond studio. Follow the link to find out more and click here to book.