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Interview: Sally Mustang

by Taylor Hunter

At Yoga 213 we are always on the look out for inspiring people doing their thing and sharing happiness with the world. So when we came across artist, yoga teacher and regular wanderer, Sally Mustang we had to know more.

Sally’s ultimate goal in life is to teach people how to be happy. For her “Happiness is gratefulness. When we are grateful of the world around us, in love with our body and our life, that is happiness.”

Her Instagram @sallymustang is filled with colour and she shares creative images of nature, art, healthy food, yoga and sex. A quick scroll through her page reveals her passion for life, love and the world we live in. 

Below we chat to Sally about how she got to where she is now (which includes living in a tent for a year!), her Sex Is Art project, and why she decided to become a yoga teacher.

TH: We have been big followers of your journey on Instagram for a while now! What inspires you to create beautiful content everyday?
SM: I want to teach people how to be happy, how to be expressive and not frightened of anything. Creating content and sharing through social media helps me reach and possibly impact thousands of people!

Your Instagram bio describes you as an ‘Artist, Yogi and Regular Wanderer’. Can you share with us how you came to live this lifestyle?
I have always been somewhat of an artist. For years I meddled with styling, creating a label, cooking, writing, painting and photography all while taking myself off the mainstream grid. I travelled Australia in a tent for a year when I was 21 and it gave me absolute freedom to explore this world and myself. I decided then that I wouldn’t go back to a job that didn’t make me feel alive. I lived pretty basic for a few years, eating from community gardens and most of my activities involved nature. I guess that’s where it all evolved from, now I am here.

People may not know that you’re also a yoga teacher! How did you originally get into yoga and what does the practice mean to you?
Yoga for me is being the best version of myself. I have forever lasting gratitude for the practice. I started practicing when I moved to Margaret River at the local community hall, it was a donation class and I was hooked. 

My teacher and mentor at the time, Hayley Maynard, was so incredibly inspiring. She encouraged me to go do my training and I have been teaching ever since. I opened a yoga studio a few years back and that was my main focus for a few years. I love teaching and I step up in front of every class hoping to make people feel the way that I feel while practicing – GOOD!

And you went to India to complete your training! What was this like?
I actually went to India to explore and do some yoga. I did my training on a permaculture farm in Indonesia. Both India and my training were amazing. I’m trying to get back to India actually this year to take on some more training.

You and your partner, Mitch Gobel are such a creative duo in your artwork, photography and sexual expression. What is the purpose behind your Sex Is Art project and what do you hope people get from it?
We hope to encourage an open mind and a good feeling around the topic, sex. Sex is so beautiful and powerful and we both believe it is a form of art or creating. I think the media has tainted it and we are discouraged to express ourselves freely there. So I guess we lead by example, and aim to be open and honest, because it feels good!

What advice do you have for people who are feeling a little lost and uninspired in life?
Get creative with your thinking. Anything is possible when we are open-minded. Take up yoga, dance, and get outdoors. Go somewhere different, shake things up! What we think we become, so think beautiful and big!

Check out what Sally is up to via:
Instagram: @sallymustang