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How to Make Yoga a Habit in 2018

by Amy Collins

Habits. They can be so helpful or really take us away from the direction we’re trying to go. Sounding at all familiar? That habit you have of eating breakfast every morning is wonderful, but anyone else have a habit of buying chocolate every time you’re at the supermarket? You see where we’re going with this though. Once something is a habit you no longer have to think and debate over it, you simply do it. Helpful or unhelpful.

For us, yoga is one of those wonderfully helpful habits we’ve managed to create over the years. And something we think everyone can do, if they want to. When you think about it, its just about changing behavior to accommodate for this new thing in your life. So here are some of our best tips for making yoga a habit in 2018. These tips can also work for anything else you’re trying to incorporate into your life this year.

Be realistic  

Trying to set a habit of going to yoga daily is a big ask. Something that most people would find challenging. Life can get in the way, your body gets sore, the list goes on. Instead, make a habit of going to yoga twice a week and see how you go with that. More is always a bonus, but a baseline of twice a week is achievable and will give you the benefits you’re after, without being overwhelming.

Be accountable

Have you ever made a goal or set out to create a new habit and then forgotten about it a week later and moved on? If it’s really something you want, be accountable by keeping a diary and tracking your progress, or better yet do it with a friend, or tell someone close to you about it – demonstrating that you’re making a real commitment. It’s much harder to ‘forget’ about something when it’s written down or being told back to you by your best friend.

 Let it take a month or two

Behavior changes don’t happen overnight. At one point people were saying it takes 21 days to create a habit, but apparently in reality it’s even longer. Which means you need to give yourself time. One yoga class won’t turn you into a regular yogi; you have to let your mind and body adjust to the activity and the act of showing up. So slip-ups will happen. And that’s normal. Let them happen and stay on track knowing it’s a process, rather than getting discouraged.

Be gentle with yourself

Creating a habit is all about inviting something new into your life. Because you’ve chosen to. It’s not a punishment. If it doesn’t feel right one day or you miss a few sessions, don’t beat yourself up. That defeats the whole purpose of the idea. Allow it to be something that comes in naturally with a little dedication. But remove the pressure.

Make sure it’s something that you want

When you’re putting effort and time into creating a new habit in your life you’re going to want to make sure it’s what you want and you’re doing it for the right reasons. If you get half way through the first month and you hate it, perhaps you need to reconsider. And if you realise you’re doing it for someone else, reconsider then as well. Make sure it’s coming from you and for you and makes you feel good.

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