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Plants to Buy to Cleanse Your Home

by Amy Collins

We’ve put together a list of plants to buy to cleanse your home, because all sorts of things can impact the air that we breathe. And inside our home is no different. Plants have the ability to suck up toxins from paint, dry cleaning, smoke, and even carpets. They can also suppress mold from growing. And they can even humidify the air, which is especially helpful during winter when we use a lot of artificial heating, which sucks the moisture from the air.

Some plants do this better than others, here are a few that do a very good job.


Apparently the evergreen ivy is a very clever plant. It is one of the best air-filtering plants that you can have in your home. It’s also been said to be very good at absorbing formaldehyde, the chemical used in manufacturing and chemical industries.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

This is one of our favourite plants. Like all good house plants it helps to clear the air of toxins while humidifying the air when needed. Give this guy a lot of natural light and wipe down the big leaves to keep them from getting dusty.


There are a lot of different types of dracaenas. The red-edged variety can grow quite big and love sunlight. The Dracaena marginata plants are great for indoors as they don’t require a whole lot of love and attention. And they tend to grow up not out, so they take up limited floor space.

Aloe vera

This plant has been known for it’s medicinal properties for a long time. The gel inside the thick leaves can heal sunburn and lots of other cuts and abrasions. But the plant itself can be very helpful to have on hand. When the leaves start to get brown spots, it’s a sign that the environment is overloaded with toxins. It’s your little guardian angel.

Peace Lily

This is a great option to rid your house of very common chemicals. It helps to balance out paint, cigarette, and carpet chemicals. It’s also very communicative; it will droop when it’s thirsty.