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Simple Self Love Tips

by Bonnie Gill

Many of us struggle to adopt a positive attitude towards ourselves, and for some, it can be easy to eye roll at the ever popular term “self love”.

It’s easy to be cynical, but practicing what we often preach to our friends and loved ones by way of a positive attitude, gratitude and self love can have profound effects on us and those around us.

We’ve picked three simple habits to incorporate into your everyday routine. Try them out for yourself and see if they make you feel a little happier!

1. At the end of the day, write down three things that simply went well
Taking a moment to write down three things that simply “went well” in your day is an easy way to reflect and to draw attention to the things in your day that are working, that you have control of and things you are good at.

You will find that focusing on things that “went well” versus “major highlights or wins” can be more useful in highlighting every day, smaller wins – because bigger highlights and wins (while awesome) don’t always happen, and it can feel disheartening!

2. Show kindness
You would have been told on more than one occasion that doing something or giving something to someone else often has more impact on personal happiness and positivity than when we do it for ourselves. And it’s true!

Find the balance between doing things here and there for yourself throughout the day – personal downtime, practicing gratitude and doing something for someone – shouting a coffee, a spontaneous gift, a considered compliment.

3. Less comparison, more focus
Everyone is on their own journey. Life, work, travel and family – it’s not a race. Particularly in such a digital world, it’s easy to compare these things and feel flat and deflated in a few simple clicks. Notice how often you find yourself comparing any of these things to those of others, and stop yourself.

Revert back and turn the focus to you. Acknowledge you’re on your own journey, and take the time to highlight positive things happening in your life, something you have to look forward to and things you might be grateful for.

We hope these daily habits make self love and positivity a little easier for you! For other posts on self love click here.