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Recipe: Super Acai Bowl

by Taylor Hunter

We are ‘super acai bowl for all seasons’ kinds of people here at 213. Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. Not only to we love the flavour, but acai smoothies and bowls are a great way to get a huge dose of fruits, good fats, protein, and supplements into your morning. Our favourite way to eat it is from a bowl with a spoon. And we’ve devised a strategy to ensure there are no boring bits.

Here’s our go-to recipe.


Super Acai Bowl


1 packet of frozen unsweetened Acai (find in the freezer section of health food stores)
1 frozen banana, chopped
ΒΌ cup of coconut milk/almond milk/coconut water
2 tsp of maca powder


Muesli/Granola/nuts and seeds of your choice
Coconut flakes
Chopped fruit; banana, strawberry, kiwi etc.
Natural peanut butter
Coconut Yoghurt


Run the unopened acai packet under water to defrost slightly, then break it apart into chunks. Cut open the packet and empty into a blender with the frozen banana, milk of your choice, and maca powder.

Blend on high, stirring when necessary, until combined. It should look smooth and thick like sorbet.

Add the muesli mix to the bottom of the bowl (no boring bits!), then pour the smoothie mixture over the top.

Decorate the top of the smoothie with fruit, nuts, seeds, coconut, coyo, and peanut butter. Voila! Ice cream for breakfast. It’s as simple as that.

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