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Sustainable Clothing Brands

by Bonnie Gill

Now more than ever before, access to sustainable, ethically produced clothing is at an all time high, with more and more local designers, wholesalers and manufacturers moving towards ethical end-to-end processing. With the new year upon us, now is the best time to update your wardrobe with a few sustainable pieces. New year, new you!

Here are some of our favourites:

Tasi Travels (pictured)

Tasi Travels is a label whose ethos considers minimalism, practicality and style. Born from a love of travel and with minimalism front of mind, the brand’s collections are designed and produced in the Sunshine Coast, using sustainable textiles and materials.

Tasi prides itself on producing items ideal for travel with breathable, light material, in conjunction with a closed loop system, where no waste is produced.


This independent fashion label brings new meaning to simple staples. Working to a circular economy, A.BCH uses organic, natural and recycled materials to create timeless, clean-cut pieces.

From sourcing materials from Panama to a family-owned manufacturer in Melbourne’s inner north, this label wants you to become a part of the process, beyond just wearing the clothing.

You can even return pre-loved A.BCH garments for the team to use for recycling, research and development.


HoMie clothing is a Melbourne born and bred streetwear label who donates 100% of its profits to young people experiencing homelessness or hardship and supports local manufacturing and processing.

HoMie’s garments are made ethically and sustainably, with the label’s latest collection featuring a printed clothing care label, a reminder for people to buy less and care more.