Yoga Teacher Trainings and Retreats

Whether you are after an in depth yoga teacher training or 7 day yoga retreat we have annual teacher trainings and retreats suitable to all levels in Melbourne and afar. In our yoga trainings, learn from our highly qualified teachers who will inspire you to find your own unique voice and teaching style, covering asana, pranayama, yoga philosophy, happiness meditation, anatomy and music. In our yoga retreats, fly away to a tropical destination with us to experience the true meaning of yoga - happiness.


  • 100 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Patrick + Carling

    Location: Melbourne
    Teachers: Patrick Beach + Carling Harps
    Date: 27th October – 10th November 2017
    Deposit: $550 non refundable
    Full Price: $2,050

    Requirements: No pre-requisites required.

    Details: Learn to teach with wisdom and grace. In this hands on training you will explore the full spectrum of your teaching with a clear and effective method of adapting many different bodies to the quintessential forms of yoga postures as we explore the realm of “advanced asana”.

    Analysing language
    How to prepare students for inversions
    Reading and understanding bodies
    Hands-on adjustment clinics
    Alignment of modern yoga and inversions
    Common injuries
    Creative sequencing
    How to lead a workshop
    Business and yoga
    Restorative yoga
    Pranayama and meditation
    + more

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  • To Be Happy Yoga Retreat

    Location: Soul & Surf Sri Lanka
    Teachers: Sammy Veall + Taylor Hunter
    Date: 14th – 21st April 2018
    Deposit: 40% non refundable
    Full Price: $2,300 – $3,900

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    Requirements: No pre-requisites required, all levels and ages welcomed.

    Details: Come on an adventure with us! Travel to the magical land of Sri Lanka with us for 7 days of yoga, surfing, sunshine and happiness. Our retreat will feature a morning Hip Hop or Chill Yoga class and an evening Yin Yoga class along with a relaxed schedule of meditation and pranayama with plenty of time to explore the local area. We want you to have the best experience possible therefore all classes and activities will be optional. We aim to provide a complete wellness experience during our retreats, working with fresh, seasonal and locally sourced ingredients with vegetarian and pescatarian options accomodating to all dietary requirements.

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  • 50hr Open Level Yin Yoga Teacher Training

    Location: Melbourne
    Teachers: Hugh Lee
    Date: 16th – 24th June 2018
    Deposit: $500 non refundable
    Early Bird: $1,290 due before 16th March
    Full Price: $1,400

    Requirements: No pre-requisites required, all levels and ages welcome.

    Details: A wholistic teacher training course blends Yin Yoga, Chinese Medicine and Mindfulness is open to everybody. No pre-requisites required, you don’t need to be a yoga teacher or an experienced yogi. However, a sincere and willing interest to learn is welcomed.

    Mindfulness meditation
    Chinese Medicine and yin yoga
    Teaching yin yoga
    Theory and practice of yin yoga
    Yin and yang differences
    Yin yoga asana
    How to use props in yin yoga
    + more

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  • 250 hour Happy Yoga Teacher Training

    Location: Melbourne + Bali
    Teachers: Steve Ross + Hamford McDonald
    Style: Vinyasa, Hip Hop Yoga and Yin
    Date: 8 weeks part time + 2 weeks full time 2018

    Requirements: No pre-requisites required.

    Details: Become a qualified yoga teacher with a difference. We have designed a unique, fun and comprehensive YTT program that will expose you to the true meaning of yoga – happiness. This training is for those with no prior training experience, and on completion you will be qualified to teach yoga across Australia and afar.

    Yoga Philosophy
    Sequencing and Creating Classes
    Yoga Anatomy
    Intelligent Adjustments and cueing
    Kirtan (Chanting)
    Yin Yoga
    Music and Yoga
    Business and Yoga
    + more!

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Vinyasa, Hip Hop and Yin Yoga Teacher Training

We run 250 hour, 100 hour and 50 hour teacher training courses in vinyasa yoga, hip hop yoga and yin yoga. Our trainings are open to all levels of yoga experience including students looking to teach professionally and teachers looking for further education.

We have designed unique, fun and comprehensive yoga teacher training courses to prepare students to confidently share yoga with the world. The majority of our past students have gone on to teach in studios both around Australia and internationally with three students opening their own hip hop yoga studios after completing our 250 hour training.

For more information on our various yoga teacher training courses in Melbourne email:

If a trainings not for you we have various workshops and event classes held at our Richmond studio.

To Be Happy Yoga Retreats

We run annual 7 day yoga retreats in tropical destinations around the world such as Bali, Hawaii, Tulum and Sri Lanka. Our retreats are perfect for those wanting to expand their yoga practice or to relax and unwind from their busy working lives.

During our retreats we offer daily Hip Hop Yoga, Chill Yoga or Yin Yoga classes matched with a relaxed schedule of meditation and pranayama. We also understand the importance of free time and allow for plenty of opportunities to explore the local areas, beaches and restaurants.

Our yoga retreats are run by both international and in house yoga teachers, who are committed to creating a happy and welcoming experience for all guests.

We aim to provide a complete wellness experience during our retreats, working with fresh, seasonal and locally sourced ingredients with vegetarian and pescatarian options accomodating to all dietary requirements.

For more information on our upcoming retreats email:

You can learn more about yoga and stay up to date with our latest news and events by reading our blog.

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The Teachers

Steve Ross

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Steve Ross

Yoga Guru

Steve Ross
Steve Ross

Steve has practiced various styles of yoga for many years and has been an instructor for over 40 years. He has explored the physical aspects of yoga as well as the philosophical and spiritual roots of yoga. Before embarking on his yoga career, Steve recorded and toured with bands such as Fleetwood Mac, the Beach Boys and Men at Work. Steve spent four years as a monk in the Vedic tradition, and since that time, he has ceaselessly sought out and reveled in the presence of some of the most notable masters of our time - in India and elsewhere. He is honored to have the opportunity to share his knowledge and experience with other spiritual seekers.

Steve combines upbeat, inspirational music with a relaxed and easy spirituality that make his classes at Maha Yoga, some of the most popular in Los Angeles. Steve’s presence will leave you feeling happy, free, alive and inspired!

Hamford McDonald

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Hamford McDonald

Senior Teacher Training Facilitator

Hamford McDonald
Hamford McDonald

Straight from Brooklyn, this New Yorker is the real deal hip hop yogi.
Yoga 213 Senior Teacher and Teacher Trainer, Hamford McDonald, started his teaching journey in 2010 completing his first 200 hour vinyasa yoga teacher training at Joschi Institute in New York. Hamford teaches everything from fun and powerful classes to the slow and chilled.
A former recording artist of hip hop music and a closet anatomy geek, Hamford brings something a little different to the yogic table. Since his first, unforgettably horrendous foray into vinyasa yoga some 10 years ago, he has been insatiably fascinated by its never-ending trajectory of self-discoveries. He loves that yoga is infinitely challenging and teaches us how to resiliently weather the storm of whatever is happening in our lives on and off the mat.

Although being a teacher Hamford is also dedicated student and continues to deepen his knowledge of both yoga and movement based practices. Since his initial training Hamford has added core yoga, yin yoga, barre attack, dynamic anatomy, mat Pilates and mindfulness to his teaching repertoire. Most recently Hamford completed an ‘Advanced Asana Immersion’ with Marysia Do of Pure Yoga Singapore along with the ‘Origins of Alignment Immersion’ with Donna Fahri.
Simply being afforded the privilege of helping others initiate this enlivening process of self-transformation, to lead healthier, happier, more authentically fulfilling lives keeps the proverbial candle of his inspiration burning at both ends of the stick, on and off the mat each day. With Hamford, prepare for your ASSana to be turned up! You will discover something new about your body and mind, and probably groove in chair pose to Beyoncé while you’re at it.

Hugh Lee

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Hugh Lee

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Facilitator

Hugh Lee
Hugh Lee

Hugh first discovered the gift of Yoga in 2002 and has been a devoted student ever since. Hugh is a graduate of the Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching, a 2-year course founded by Leigh Blashki, Melbourne. He began teaching in 2008, assisting and co-teaching with his mentor Andrew Mournehis on Yoga retreats in India, Bali and Australia. In 2013, Hugh trained in Yin Yoga with Paul and Suzee Grilley (100 hours level one) and in 2015 trained with Sarah Powers “Insight Yoga” Yin Teacher Training 60 hours.

Hugh came to Yoga and meditation to find tools for healing after years of suffering depression and anxiety. He has found Yin Yoga to be immensely healing and nourishing. He facilitates Yin workshops, retreats and Yin Yoga teacher trainings.

Hugh is now one of Melbourne’s leading Yin Yoga teacher trainers and has held yoga teacher training courses at Yoga 213 since 2015.

Amelia Schrader

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Amelia Schrader

Anatomy Training Facilitator

Amelia Schrader
Amelia Schrader

Amelia is a yoga teacher and qualified Naturopath (BSc) with a passion for health, movement and wellness. Amelia found her love for yoga in 2007 and has explored various styles from Vinyasa, Bikram, Barkan Method, Power, Ashtanga and Acro yoga. She later completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in the Barkan Method and is currently studying Yoga Medicine with Tiffany Cruikshank to complete her 500hr YTT.

With a background in dance, sport aerobics, gymnastics and Crossfit and Amelia draws upon her broad movement experience to bring a strong, dynamic and uplifting style to her classes. She is passionate about creating an intelligent, conscious movement practice that is supported by her in depth knowledge of the body and yoga anatomy. Encouraging her students to explore their edge, Amelia also gives them the tools to gain a deeper understanding of their practice and to continue to progress on all levels.

On this training Amelia will break down yoga anatomy and give you a deeper understanding of the body and how it relates to yoga postures. This understanding will allow to your align your students safely and give you the tools to guide them through a more powerful practice and ensure the longevity of their yoga practice.

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