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The Croatian Coastline

by Angelina Morino

Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit, sunnies and a big floppy hat as you set sail and get ready to explore the dazzling Croatian coastline. The sapphire waters of this mediterranean beauty will capture your imagination, and leave you spellbound for weeks to come.

First stop is the island of Split, Croatia’s second largest city. Expertly balancing the modernities of today with the essence of yesteryear, Split is a city buzzing with life and energy. Dramatic coastal mountains serve as a picturesque backdrop to the humming cityscape below, where you can climb to the top of the fortress and marvel the expansive turquoise coastline.

Sail onward to the birth place of Marco Polo, the island of Korcula, a Medieval walled town also
home to an abundance of vineyards, olive groves and a myriad of small villages. The old town is
littered with narrow winding laneways that branch off the main street, interestingly, the town was
designed in such a way so as to protect its inhabitants from both sun and wind providing them with
comfortable accommodation all year round.

Next stop, Dubrovnik. The enchanting Baroque architecture, gleaming marble streets and the
gentle musings of the Adriatic Sea as it laps the coastline are sure to captivate any discerning
traveller. Amble along the medieval walls as you explore ancient fortresses, climb aboard the cable
car and witness the exuberant city below or if your adventurous spirit beckons, jump on the back of
a scooter and explore the city like a local.

Slowing down the tempo, as you dock at Mljet, be sure to disembark, rent a pushbike and explore
this natural wonder. Covered in lush forests, vineyards and dotted by small villages, Mljet is not
only an island but also a pristine National Park. Thriving vegetation and spectacular saltwater lakes are resplendent to be seen. Legend has it, that the great Greek King, Odysseus, was so captivated by this little island that he spent seven years enjoying the tranquility.

Finally, kick back in chilled out Makarska. Meander along the waterfront promenade as the
limestone streets pave the way to your dinner spot. During high season, this sleepy little city turns into a bustling little hub of thrill-seekers as the active types take advantage of hiking, rock climbing, paragliding, wind-surfing and mountain biking.

All in all, the Croatian Coastline is full of endless balmy days spent exploring, relaxing and kicking back and is a perfect choice for your next getaway.