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The Powers of Amethyst

by Emily Crasnick

Never underestimate the powers of Amethyst. With its vibrant purple color enhanced by an earthy edge, amethyst is not only one of the most popular stones used today for everything from jewelry to home decor, it’s also a great way to connect with your spiritual side. Amethyst is amazing for honing in on your intuition as well as creating a sense of calm and balance either throughout your day or during a meditation practice. One cafe in New York City is now even using it for its third eye and crown chakra stimulating properties in a latte! Here are some ways you can have an amazing experience with amethyst at home:


The healing powers of amethyst are experienced most deeply during meditation and can be amplified even further when paired with mantra and certain frequencies. The 528Hz frequency is believed to bring an energy of transformation as it stimulates the third eye and crown chakras, and by listening to the sound alongside meditation as you hold an amethyst crystal in either hand, you can create a powerful sense of peace and sharpen your intuitive abilities. For an even deeper experience, try pairing the meditation with a mantra for third eye or crown. This could be anything from “I am divinely guided and at one with the universe” to a simple “Om.”

Drink Up

The full recipe for the DIY amethyst latte is available on Mind Body Green’s website here, but if you’re looking for something a bit simpler that has the same effect, the same type of small amethyst crystals that go into their latte can be placed either in a small glass container (like a tube) and then into some water, or, if cleaned first, directly into the water and allowed to steep for an hour before drinking. Have fun with this, too! Try adding the crystals to tea, or juice. Anything with a purplish hue is thought to benefit the third eye and crown, so try find some lavender and get sippin’.

Play Dress Up

While the benefits of amethyst are miraculous and certainly nothing to overlook, the icing on the spiritual cake is the beauty and aesthetic that the gem presents to the beholder and those around them. As the stone most greatly affects the crown and third eye chakras, the best locations to wear amethyst jewelry are around the top of the head. Try a pair of earrings, or if you’re feeling a bit more creative, a decorative head chain. It’s also a good idea to keep a piece under your pillow for enhanced sleep quality and sweeter dreaming. However you decide to rock it, you’re sure to look and feel like your chakras are open and you’re feeling fantastic.