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Travel through Berlin

by Angelina Morino

Berlin is dynamic yet tenacious, a sprawling metropolis guised in a rich tapestry of historical events. A city packing enough hustle to satisfy even the most discerning traveller. The 20th century alone saw the European powerhouse stage a revolution, be led by Nazis, be bombed to oblivion, divide in two to then reunite and regain its reputation as a powerful European nation. 

Hire a bike and pass through the famous Brandenburg gates, traverse along the remnants of the Berlin wall, visit checkpoint Charlie and get educated about the repercussions of history at the dramatic Holocaust Museum designed by world renowned Architect, Daniel Libeskind. A truly moving experience.

Berlin is a multicultural city where its inhabitants are laid-back and innovative throwing caution to the wind when it comes to status. Its people are friendly and forthcoming. The city lends its soul to a never ending flurry of cultural experimentation and creativity thus establishing itself as a global leader in a multitude of areas including music, design and contemporary trends.

Conscious about the impacts of big city business, Berlin is brought to life by vibrant parks dotted throughout the concrete jungle. With its early beginnings in the 16th Century as hunting grounds, Tiergarten is now Berlin’s largest and most popular urban garden spanning across 520 acres. Locals and tourists alike are resplendent to be seen enjoying picnics, bike rides and the joys of nature in the big smoke.

A finely balanced juxtaposition of pure grit and effervescent glamour, Berlin is shaped by a rich historical past cloaked in effortless chic and vibrant diversity. This alluring city is a decadent smorgasbord of history, architecture, debauchery, art and culture encompassed by the alluring night lights always poised to party. A definite stop on any European adventure!