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Trendy Typographers 

by Sophie Truter

Typography is the art and practice of arranging type, and is a fundamental part of how we communicate and navigate meaning. Everyday we subconsciously encounter typography; it’s on the signs we read, the apps we use, right through to the letterforms printed on our bottle of coconut water or yoga pants. It’s an essential part of a designer’s job and comes in many different forms, shapes and styles. Each creative has their own visual code and aesthetic typeface, making it as much a vital communications tool as it is an art form.

So in the interest of appreciating typography as an artistic expression, we’ve scrolled through Instagram to find you some of the hottest typographers online, whose posts are worthy of the double tap and possibly a re-share.

Timothy Goodman@timothygoodman

NYC designer Timothy Goodman has worked with some of the biggest brands around town including Google, Airbnb and The NY Times. He’s obviously pretty darn good at what he does with a bundle of awards up his sleeve and a number of major speaking engagements including talks at SXSW and his very own TEDx talk (Life goals! You know you’ve made it when you’ve done a TEDx talk). The majority of typography on his Instagram account features classic black fonts on white backgrounds that reflect life’s neurosis with a hit of sarcasm and fatalism. He also takes a political tone here and there, and isn’t afraid of typing it like it is!

The Letterettes@theletterettes

The Letterettes are an all female quartet of designers and illustrators who share a love for pens, paper, letterforms and most importantly, sequined jackets. The group’s been labeled the ‘Sisterhood of the Travelling Pens’ and they even have matching baby pink bomber jackets akin to those of the Pink Ladies in Grease (squad goals!). Using a range of tools from pencils to brushes and chalk, their font styles are typically curled and curved. When the girl gang aren’t scribbling and doodling away for clients, they run workshops where they teach the basics of hand lettering and typography techniques. So keep an eye out for their next lesson because these girls could teach you a thing or two about the written form and how to make your handwriting look like a work of art.

Bronte Poynts @bronte_poynts

Bronte is one to watch! She’s an emerging talent out of Brisbane whose philosophy is grounded in delivering distinctive and clear messages though graphic design. There’s no doubt this girl would have been one of the first to get her pen license in primary school, she’s got talent. Bronte caught our eye with her bold typography which shy’s away from traditional black and white design. Her Instagram page is a refreshing pop of colour and features a range of styles from retro 80s letterings and patterned collages, through to illustrations inclusive of witty captions and tag lines. She’s sure to brighten up your Instagram feed and have you inspired to pick up those pens and start channeling your inner typographer.

Image from the Design Files.