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  • Part Time 100hr YTT with Nicky Grimsdale

    Photos by @simonshiffphotographer-21

    Date: 1st of April - 29th of May

    Time: Thursday's 7:45pm - 9:45pm, Friday's 7:45pm - 9:45pm, Saturday + Sunday 12pm - 3:30pm

    Cost: $2050

    Join Nicky Grimsdale at Yoga 213 Richmond for our very first part time 100hr YTT. Focusing on the 8 limbs, asana, pranayama, meditation and philosophy this training can be paired with Patrick Beach's 100hr YTT to gain your full qualification as a yoga teacher!

    Email us for more information. Sammy@yoga213.com.au.
  • 50 Hour Yin YTT with Hugh Lee

    Photos by @simonshiffphotographer-26

    Date: 5th - 13th June

    Time: 11am - 4:30pm Weekdays and 12pm - 3:30pm Weekends

    Cost: Early bird: $1250 until March 1st. $1400 full price.

    Delve into the beautiful practice of Yin Yoga with Hugh Lee. This 50 hour training will focus on the poses, the healing components behind each one, and the related Chinese Medicine. This is for those wanting to know more, to deepen their understanding, or of course to teach.

    Email us for more information. Sammy@yoga213.com.au
  • Vinyasa Immersion with Jonah Kest


    Date: Thursday 11th August

    Time: 6:30pm - 8pm

    Cost: $45

    Join Jonah Kest in this 90 minute class where you will break through old habits and barriers that hinder you from connection and unconditional love! Each energetic sequence will explore hip and heart openers as well as inversions and twists! Jonah's incredible music and supportive stories and themes will wring you out - leaving you with a stronger body and calmer, less reactive mind. Join Jonah Kest for an entirely uplifting and wholesome vinyasa experience!!

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  • Hip Hop Vinyasa with Jonah Kest


    Date: Friday 12th August

    Time: 6:30pm - 7:45pm

    Cost: $35

    Join Jonah Kest for a breathtaking practice. The balance of ancient asana, dynamic flow, and modern day hip hop beats are sure to ignite your spirit! This 75 minute experience will leave you feeling energized and free. Come feel the raw connection of body and mind through vinyasa yoga!

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  • Beyond Balance Acro Yoga with Jonah Kest


    Date: Saturday 13th August

    Time: 12pm - 2pm

    Cost: $55

    Join Jonah Kest in this unique style of "flying" partner yoga that implements poses from Ashtanga yoga, acrobatics, and Thai massage to create a fun physical and mental challenge. Students will learn not only how to fly, but most importantly, the importance of community support. Yoga is a series of adjustments similar to a relationship; Acro yoga is a powerful example of making needed adjustments and communicating to find balance. We will learn to properly spot, base a flyer and fly. We will introduce new challenging poses and transitions to take you to the next level of Acro vinyasa. Bring a mat, a camera, and an open mind to go beyond balance!

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  • The Art of Inversions with Jonah Kest


    Date: Sunday 14th August

    Time: 12pm - 2pm

    Cost: $55

    Transcend fear and get comfortable upside down! Join Jonah Kest for an afternoon breakdown in learning how the hips play a huge role in finding your balance! Every individual body has anatomical limitations and strengths. Become a master of listening to your intuition and finding freedom in the art of inversions! We will explore a variety of ways to approach handstand press, forearm balance, headstand & shoulder stand.

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  • 100hr YTT with Patrick Beach + Carling Harps


    Date: 3rd - 17th September

    Time: Full Time

    Cost: $2050

    Patrick Beach and Carling Harp’s continuing education intensives were created for yoga
    practitioners of every lineage who want to infuse their practice and teaching with more
    depth, skill and inspiration. Both experienced teachers and dedicated students looking to
    deepen their practice are invited to study with Patrick and Carling.
    • Intrinsic Inversions: Practicing and Teaching with Wisdom and Grace
    • Sequencing and Self-Inquiry
    • Intuitive Alignment and Hands-on Adjustments.

    Email us for more information. Sammy@yoga213.com.au.
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