Yoga Styles

Australia's first Hip Hop yoga studio.
We combine music with vinyasa and yin yoga. With five different styles on offer there is a class to suit any mood. We welcome yogi's of all levels from beginners to the more experienced.

Our Styles

Hip Hop 1

A morning groove, with a gentle touch.
A fluid vinyasa flow to wake you up, with a soundtrack to salute the sun. Soft beats help you move: Acoustic, electronic, reggae, with a mix of r'n'b. Tune in while you tune out.
Bend. Stretch. Harness your practice. Let go.

Hip Hop 2

Make your move. Find your groove.
A fluid vinyasa flow with a strong collection of traditional poses. And an abs session that's going to hurt tomorrow. Because we can. Loud beats help you move: Biggie, Jay Z, Snoop Dogg, Drake. Acoustic, electronic, and reggae.
Flow. Breathe. Find freedom. Let go.

Chill Yoga

Don’t sweat what you don’t know.
This is home base, a slow vinyasa flow that allows you to say hello.
Reggae, acoustic, folk and disco tunes all create a relaxed backdrop.
Breathe. Align. Learn the basics. Find your practice.

Yin Yoga

Get low.
A dark room where you learn to see yourself more clearly than ever before. Long, deep poses, down low on the mat utilizing seated or lying positions; opening the hips, lower back and spine, boosting flexibility and improving the mind. Soothing tunes will guide you through; Jon Hopkins, Bon Iver, Helios.
Relax. Unwind. Move your body. Still your mind.


You get what you give. A fun vinyasa class practiced to music, all for a higher reason. Making donations to a new charity every month! No payments can be made online for this class, please pay cash into the donations box before or after class. All donations are appreciated, we recommend $10.

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