Yoga Styles

Australia's first Hip Hop yoga studio.
We combine music with vinyasa and yin yoga. With five different styles on offer there is a class to suit any mood. We welcome all levels from beginners to the more experienced.

Our Styles

Hip Hop 1

A morning groove, with a gentle touch.
A fluid vinyasa flow to wake you up, with a soundtrack to salute the sun. Soft beats help you move: Acoustic, electronic, reggae, disco, with a mix of r'n'b. Tune in while you tune out.
Bend. Stretch. Harness your practice. Let go.

Hip Hop 2

Make your move. Find your groove.
A fluid vinyasa flow with a strong collection of traditional poses. And an abs session that's going to hurt tomorrow. Because we can. Loud beats help you move: hip hop, r'n'b, disco, acoustic, electronic, and reggae.
Flow. Breathe. Find freedom. Let go.

Chill Yoga

Don’t sweat what you don’t know.
This is home base, a slow vinyasa flow that allows you to say hello.
Reggae, acoustic, folk and disco tunes all create a relaxed backdrop.
Breathe. Align. Learn the basics. Find your practice.

Yin Yoga

Get low.
A dark room where you learn to see yourself more clearly than ever before. Long, deep poses, down low on the mat utilizing seated or lying positions; opening the hips, lower back and spine, boosting flexibility and improving the mind. Soothing tunes will guide you through.
Relax. Unwind. Move your body. Still your mind.

Happy Meditation

Close your eyes to open your mind.
Learn how to meditate by practicing various techniques from different lineages; yoga, buddhism, mindfulness, breath work and qigong. Gently observe the inner self and the outside world to reveal your true, happy nature and a feeling of calmness and clarity. Our meditation classes are for all levels and we encourage you to be as comfortable as possible.
Sit still. Deepen your awareness. Find peace.


You get what you give. A fun vinyasa class practiced to music, all for a higher reason. Making donations to a new charity every 3 months! No payments can be made online for this class, please pay cash into the donations box before or after class. All donations are appreciated, we recommend $10.

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