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Interview: Greene Street Juice Co.

by Amy Collins

What started with a 200 hour yoga teacher training and a big move to New York City has now come to be the beginning of an organic cold pressed juice brand right here in Melbourne.

As you walk into Greene Street Juice Co on Commercial Road in Prahran, there is something different about it. Maybe it’s that Nat the owner will usually greet you, always with a smile, or that there are mantras hanging above each juice, or simply the fact that you’d want to spend time there regardless of what it sold.

Where it all began.

“It still gives me goosebumps to reflect on the journey so far.” Nat says with a smile. And you know it’s going to be a good story.

When Nat, a lawyer with Myer at the time, living what she thought was her dream life, was told she had to pick up and move to New York for her partner Steve’s work, she was shocked. Little did she know it would lead to a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Works, formal education at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and time spent at the Gerson Institute.

“Spending a week at the Gerson Institute in San Diego, renowned for its successful non-toxic treatments for chronic degenerative diseases was incredibly eye-opening. A game changer for me.” Nat shared about what really put her on this journey.

During that time New York was filled with organic, cold-pressed juices and they became a part of Nat’s life. When she and her partner Steve were moved back to Melbourne in a hurry, while again, very shocked, they realized Melbourne wasn’t yet doing cold-pressed juices how they wanted them. So they decided to create their own. Less than two years later, Greene Street Juice was alive and well. Launching at Wanderlust festival, which for Nat brought together so many of her passions: health, yoga, and of course cold-pressed juicing.

The juices aka elixirs

Organic and served in glass bottles. Two key elements of the Greene Street DNA. And all named after places and things in New York.

When we asked Nat why organic and why glass, you could see the passion coming across her face before she opened her mouth. We’d clearly hit the nail on the head.

“Oh my – now this is a big one for us. Perhaps the most important of all our philosophies,” Nat said.

It’s important to Nat that they never put anything out into the market place that they wouldn’t want themselves, or that could be potentially harmful. Cold-pressed juicing takes out the fiber of each ingredient, leaving the pure nutrients, which targets the body at a cellular level. If these ingredients have been treated with chemicals, these chemicals also get injected into the body at a cellular level. Hence you will never find regular produce in these juices. And as for glass, Nat is adamant about never using plastic, to avoid chemicals seeping into the product.

“The glass provides a nice little home for the elixir.” Nat says, always with a smile.

But they don’t stop there. While Nat creates all of the recipes, usually from a place of intuition, she also makes sure that each elixir is balanced on an energetic level. Healing more than simply the physical body. Which is why each juice is paired with a chakra and a mantra. Something you don’t see everyday. The Empire State for example, a mix of carrot, green apple, and astragalus, which stemmed from one of the juices at the Gerson Institute, comes with the mantra of ‘I radiate good health, vitality, and energy.” Nat takes these energetic qualities into consideration when providing someone with a cleanse program as well. After determining physical, emotional, and energetic goals of each client, Nat puts together a tailored plan.

Going that little bit further

“Organic is the word I’d use to describe the entire process.” Nat says of how everything has fallen into place.

The collaborations that you’ll find in store are no different. There are currently two elixirs that are collaborations with like-minded brands. One is a pairing of health and meditation with the 1 Giant Mind collaboration donating $1 from each juice sold to funding free meditation resources. This elixir is filled with ayurvedic herbs targeting that energetic quality Nat loves so much. On the flip side, the second collaboration to hit the shelves sees 3g of Proplenish Marine Collagen in each bottle, which supports skin, hair, and nail health, as well as building lean muscle. These collaborations were never planned or strategic, but when someone walks into your life that shares a vision, Nat thinks you should make something of it.

We tend to agree.

Now it’s your turn to try the elixirs.

Shop 36 Pran Central, 325 Chapel Street,
(on the corner of Commercial Road and Cato Street)
Prahran 3181

(03) 9510 8907

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