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Interview: Steve Ross

by Bonnie Gill

If you think you know meditation… wait until you meet Steve Ross! Steve is our go-to yogi for all things pranayama, meditation, chanting and yoga philosophy. Steve has some of the most incredible experiences and stories to share and we wanted to ask him all about it before he joins us again at the studio this week.

Tell us more about how your journey with yoga and meditation began?
I began my search after a powerful non-ordinary experience shattered my world view in my teens, seeking someone who could assist me in understanding and deepening that overwhelmingly blissful experience.

We want to know more about your time as a monk in India! What was it like?
It’s a long story but basically, after many years, I met an Indian guru, whose presence allowed me to experience something similar to his own. I dropped everything and followed him to India which began my time as a monk… a lifestyle I had never previously wanted or had any knowledge of. To describe that experience would do it an injustice, but I can say it moved me into the direction of the constant awareness of my fundamental nature. I remained with that guru for 4 years, before he told me to go and live the experience in the world – i.e “normal life”.

Why meditation? What does it mean to you and why should people be doing it regularly?Meditation has the rare ability to reveal the inherent happiness that is your very nature. It does so by quieting the mind and its restlessness and exposes the joy and peace that lies below it. Allowing one to master the mind instead of being its victim. There is nothing else like it to produce the fulfilment and freedom that marks a truly satisfying life.

Some people will often say meditation isn’t for them because they “can’t concentrate or sit still” – what’s your word of advice?
Meditation is often considered to be very difficult, but yet it’s the easiest thing in the world. Everyday you focus on work, entertainment, conversations – all of these things are a meditation of sorts, but all externally focussed. Meditation is a focus but on an internal focus rather than an external one… everyone can meditate, some forms of meditation work better than others depending on one’s personality…but anyone can do it.

Looking to read a little more into meditation? Happy Yoga by Steve Ross himself is an obvious choice, and Steve’s recommendation of “THIS” by Sri H.W.L Poonja follows closely behind.

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